3D Bioprinting - Accelerating Drug Discovery

Join us for an interesting discussion on how 3D bioprinting contributes to accelerating drug discovery and tissue engineering. Head of Sales Europe, Andrew Ridley, sits down with Hannah from the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) to discuss CELLINK’s achievement in winning the New Product Award at SLAS Europe 2022. Andrew explains how the innovative biodispenser, the BIO CELLX, is a game changer for cancer research and drug development, due to its high-throughput capabilities and ease of use, making it suitable for all scientists without the need of prior tissue engineering experience.  

Andrew shares how different bioprinting technologies can reduce the amount of animal testing and provides a glimpse into what CELLINK has in store for future products.  

About Andrew Ridley, Ph.D.

Ridley is an experienced Product Manager/Sales Director with a Ph.D. focused in Molecular and Cellular Biology and has a history of working in the biotechnology industry. Skilled in molecular/cell biology with a focus on cutting-edge technologies including microfluidics and 3D bioprinting. 

bio cellX biodispenser


The BIO CELLX is a high-throughput, fully automated biodispensing solution that leverages pre-set and pre-validated protocols to deliver a simple, plug-and-play user experience. 

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