Launching the BIO CELLX

The BIO CELLX is a first of its kind biodispensing platform used to automate 3D cell culture. By providing cell biologists with pre-validated protocols, the BIO CELLX eliminates barriers for automating 3D cell-based assays that target cancer research and drug discovery.

Our BIO CELLX is a novel system that builds on 5 years of bioprinting experience. The system utilizes technologies like the Clean Chamber, high-precision dispensing, automatic nozzle priming and more. Together, these technologies enable reproducible and high throughput model generation.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the BIO CELLX to the drug discovery market. For the last 5 years we have developed cutting edge bioprinters and have utilized this expertise to develop an automated biodispensing platform solution that makes the power of 3D accessible to all with easy to understand set up and effortless material and cell mixing,” says Cecilia Edebo, CEO, CELLINK.

The use of pre-validated protocols simplifies the process of 3D cell culture automation. With the BIO CELLX, there is no need for coding, CAD modelling or optimizing the parameter selection. An easy-to-use interface will help cell biologists the world over to transition into 3D cell culture.

“We look forward to enabling the pharma industry with technology which we hope will bring meaningful breakthroughs in cancer research and therapy development by providing biomimetic models,” Cecilia continues.

“This product is an important step in proliferating 3D cell culture and the numerous advantages it can bring to cell biologists. With the BIO CELLX we have developed a solution that effectively empowers researchers to transition to 3D cell culture workflows, providing effective and reproducible models that can truly improve research outcomes” says Johan Norman, CTO, CELLINK.

The BIO CELLX allows for effortless and hassle-free extrusion with ECM hydrogels, such as those provided by Advanced BioMatrix, a fellow BICO company.

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