The application of light-activated hydrogels in 3D bioprinting

6 December | 2 p.m. AEST | 12 p.m. JST| Speaker: Dr. Khoon Lim


Dr. Khoon Lim

Senior Lecturer

University of Sydney

Adjunct Associate Professor University of Otago

2 p.m. AEDT
12 p.m. JST

About the webinar

Specialized bioinks are needed for 3D bioprinting so that cells can be protected while being printed. These bioinks are frequently biomaterials with particular rheological characteristics that permit layer-by-layer spatial extrusion while also being cytocompatible to promote cellular viability and function.

In this session Dr. Khoon Lim will cover the following topics:

  • The various design criteria required as well as the variety of materials used to make these bioinks.
  • The various chemistries used to synthesize polymers, photo-initiating systems for crosslinking the polymers, and methods to ensure the stability of bioprinted constructions.
  • The comparison of mentioned chemistries and strategies across various biofabrication platforms, such as lithography- and extrusion-based bioprinting technologies.
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