Combining Bioprinting, Microfabrication and Biomaterials to Create Advanced 3D Models

Date & time: 2023-03-28 13:10:00


Hosted by:

TERMIS Europe 2023


Pierre-Alexandre Laurent, Ph.D.

Senior Field Application Scientist
Light-based Bioprinting Specialist, CELLINK

Main Hall – Exchange Auditorium

28 MAR
13:10 GMT

Industrial Symposium

Join us to discover how the latest innovations in 3D bioprinting and biomaterials are transforming the development of biomimetic models. In this seminar, we will explore the systems and materials that enable advanced 3D biofabrication techniques, ranging from sub-micron printing to organ-on-a-chip devices and three-dimensional multi-stiffness tissue models. We will discuss current applications leveraging the high precision and versatility of light-based and extrusion-based bioprinting.

Learn about:

  • Combining different 3D bioprinting technologies to create complex, multi-stiffness, and multi-material biomimetic models.
  • Recent advancements made in light based bioprinting including novel DLP and Two Photon printing mechanisms.
  • Advantages of working with defined, biological matrices of high quality in a wide array of cellular applications to access in-vivo like cellular response in 3D models.
  • Successful examples of sustainable, reproducible, and cost-efficient 3D models for rapid advancements within drug discovery, organ-on-a-chip models, and others.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn about the latest developments in 3D bioprinting and biomaterials.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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