Mending broken heart with “mini-hearts” and 3D bioprinters

Date & time: 2020-06-30 00:00:00

Hosted by:

Dr Carmine Gentile, Assistant Professor and Group Leader at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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Dr. Gentile will present his studies on how to better engineer the human heart microenvironment using patient-derived stem cells. Cardiac cells differentiated from iPSCs are co-cultured in personalised bioinks as vascularized cardiac spheroids (or “mini-hearts”). This allows the 3D bioprinting of heart tissues in biocompatible hydrogels with optimal cardiac cell viability and function.

Learn about:
– The typical features of the human heart microenvironment and how to better engineer it in vitro
– The generation of vascularized cardiac spheroids as bioinks
– 3D bioprinting of cardiac tissues at UTS in Sydney, Australia

See a video on how the system works in practice

Get the link to the full video below, or watch the abridged version on our Youtube channel.

BIO X6 - Demo

BIO X6 - Demo