Exploring 2D vs. 3D Cell Culturing

Date & time: 2020-07-09 00:00:00


Hosted by:

Dr. Itedale Namro Redwan, CSO at CELLINK

Join Dr. Itedale Namro Redwan, CSO at CELLINK for an insightful discussion on the paradigm shift taking place in the world of cell culturing. Dr. Namro Redwan will dive into the benefits of 3D cell culturing and how bioprinting is driving this novel approach across multiple applications.

Learn more about:
• The benefits of 3D Cell Culture
• How bioprinting can help your workflow
• How 3D bioprinting is a revolutionizing technology for advancing and accelerating progress in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and thus, the future of medicine.

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