3D Bioprinting technology for cultured meat & food industry

Can we print meat?

April 12 | 3.00 p.m. JST, 8.00 a.m. CEST | Speaker: Dr. Haruka Yoshie


Dr. Haruka Yoshie
Field Application Specialist


12 APR
3 p.m. JST
8 a.m. CEST

About the webinar

Cultured meat, also known as lab-grown meat, has gained increasing attention over the past decade, and it thought to be a cleaner alternative to the current methods of meat production. Many laboratories and companies have entered this field, and ongoing efforts are focused on developing and optimizing in vitro muscle tissue fabrication for production of this cell-based meat. One of the approaches is to use 3D bioprinting technologies to create scaffold for cells to grow into muscle fibers using edible bioinks.

In this webinar, 3D bioprinting approaches to cultured meat production will be introduced and discussed.

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