Bioprinting for structured cultured meat reconstruction

May 24 | 8 a.m. CEST, 3 p.m. JST

Speaker: Fiona Louis, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Osaka University


Fiona Louis

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Osaka University

24 MAY
8 a.m. CEST
3 p.m. JST

About the webinar

Join us for a webinar with Fiona Louis to learn about the bioprinting for cultured meat reconstruction.

Cultured meat is a hot topic that still is in an early stage and reproducing highly structured steak shapes is considerably challenging. A steak is indeed made of muscle tissues surrounded by fat tissues, as well as blood capillaries held together in an intricate geometry. Bioprinting appears as the ideal solution to solve this problem, improve the final structure of the meat and enable automation of the process.

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See a video on how the system works in practice

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BIO X6 - Demo

BIO X6 - Demo