A journey into the (almost) unlimited potential of microgels

3D Bioprinting with Hydrogel Particles: A Lesson from Nature

April 26 | 3:30 pm CEST, 9:30 am EDT, 6:30 am PDT | Speaker: Matteo Hirsch, Ph.D. Candidate


Matteo Hirsch
Ph.D. Candidate
(EPFL) École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
26 APR
3:30 pm CEST
9:30 am EDT
6:30 am PDT

About the webinar

Join us for a webinar with Matteo Hirsch to learn about the almost limitless potential of microgels. Many soft natural tissues display a fascinating set of mechanical properties that remains unmatched by manmade counterparts. These unprecedented mechanical properties are achieved through an intricate interplay between the structure and composition of these natural tissues. However, this level of control cannot be achieved in soft synthetic materials. To address this shortcoming, highly concentrated particle systems, namely jammed granular materials, have been developed for 3D printing in the past few years.
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