3D Bioprinting Iberian Workshop

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INP - Instituto Pedro Nunes, COIMBRA, PORTUGAL | November 28 - 29

About the workshop


Instituto Pedro Nunes

Coimbra, Portugal


28 - 29 Nov



Conference + Workshops


This workshop will explore the use of 3D bioprinting techniques in the development and manufacture of bioengineered systems/devices for application in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine,  and other more traditional areas of healthcare. The programme will cover both the use of extrusion- and light-based printing approaches.

Hear from experts already using bioprinting

Participants will hear from experts already using bioprinting to tackle challenges in different healthcare settings. The presentations will offer a chance to learn about the current uses of the technology, where innovation is driving the field, and what future applications can be expected.

Learn how to fabricate complex in vitro models

Attendees will learn how to use different 3D bioprinting technologies and techniques to develop in-vivo like microenvironment and fabricate complex, 3D in vitro models.

Hands-on training in small groups

There is the option for participants to join hands-on training sessions in small groups, each afternoon of the course. Each group will rotate through a series of bioprinting practical demonstrations and discussion sessions around experimental design and best practice. The number of participants is limited to 20 people to maximize hands-on experience.

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The workshops will cover:

Extrusion-based multi-material bioprinting  

This is the workshop session to deepen your extrusion based bioprinting skills, learn how to utilise your BIO X and BIO X6 bioprinters full capacity by selecting the right tool head for the right application. The session will focus on how to set up and use the BIO X/X6 bioprinter with the different printheads and how to combine different methods of bioprinting to facilitate a multi-material print. 

Light-based bioprinting for fast, in well 3D-micro patterning

This is the workshop session to deepen your light-based bioprinting skills. Learn how to utilize your BIONOVA X bioprinter for multiple applications and how to advance your bioprinting into the micro-fabrication area. We will dive into the questions of how material composition, light intensity, and temperature, among other factors, affect your print and which tools can be used to enable printing of more challenging structures. 

Microfluidic and Organ-On-a-Chip – Combining light and extrusion

Thereare multiple ways of creating microfluidic and organ-on-a-chip devices, enabling the setup of complex, more complete 3D cell culture workflows. In this workshop we will explore how the precision of light-based bioprinting combined with the flexibility of extrusion-based bioprinting can allow for creation of highly complex, tuneable microfluidic and organ-on-a-chip devices. Learn which techniques and tools there are to fabricate your specific designs, and how these can be fabricated in different biomaterial compositions.


Register before November 28 2023. The spots are limited.

Learning outcomes

After this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the working principle, differences, advantages and limitations of light and extrusion-based bioprinters in a healthcare context.
  • Select the most suitable bioprinter (i.e. light or extrusion-based) for your project based on processable materials, resolution, cell compatibility among other requirements.
  • Design and print 3D constructs employing both light and extrusion-based systems and a range of different polymeric hydrogels.



Jorge Coelho
Full Professor at University of Coimbra, Board Member of Portuguese Society of Materials, Industrial Consultant
Carlos A García González
Full Professor at University Santiago de Compostela – Faculty of Farmacy, Dpt of Pharmacology, Farmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology
Ruben Pereira
Rúben Pereira
Assistant Professor at Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS) & Researcher at i3S, University of Porto
Ana Paula Pego1
Ana Paula Pego
Principal Investigator at i3S, University of Porto; President of European Society for Biomaterials
Rita Almeida1
Rita Almeida
Junior Researcher at CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials
Joaquin Abellan1
Joaquín Gómez Abellán
Expert in 3D Bioimprinting at Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón – CCMIJU
Joao Bebiano1
João Bebiano Costa
Technology Transfer Manager, Invited Assistant Professor, Scientific Researcher at CBQF – UCP
Isabella Bondesson
Isabella Bondesson
Field Application Specialist, European Team Lead at CELLINK
Pierre-Alexandre Laurent
Senior Field Application Scientist | Light-Based Bioprinting Specialist at CELLINK
Samuel Sánchez Ordóñez
ICREA Professor and Deputy Director at Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia
María Crespo-Cuadrado
María Crespo-Cuadrado
Postdoctoral Researcher at Smart Nano-Bio-Devices Group, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia