3D bioprinting for colorectal cancer modeling, drug testing and personalized medicine

September 28 | 3 p.m. CET | 9 a.m. EST| Speaker: Dr. Yordan Sbirkov


Dr. Yordan Sbirkov

Chief Assistant Professor

Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

28 SEP
3 p.m. CET
9 a.m. EST

About the webinar

As few as 0.1% of all drugs make it from bench to bedside, significantly impacted by the poor predictive models available during pre-clinical and clinical phases of drug testing. Dr. Sbirkov and his colleagues are looking to improve success rates and bring novel treatments for colorectal cancer by developing superior disease models that capture in vivo conditions closer, possess higher predictive properties, and offer opportunities for individualized therapies.


In this webinar Dr. Sbirkov will discuss:

  • 3D bioprinting for disease modeling and drug testing, unlocking potential for personalized therapeutic screening.
  • Development of an affordable, flexible, and highly reproducible 3D bioprinted CRC model
  • Gene expression analysis comparing 3D bioprinted constructs with 2D monolayer cancer cells
  • Comparison of drug responses between 2D and 3D bioprinted cells
  • Validation of 3D bioprinted method with patient samples
  • Further insights on oncology models from ongoing work
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