3D Bioprinted Platforms for Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Congenital and Acquired Cardiovascular Pathologies In Vitro

Date & time: 2021-05-18 10:00:00


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Dr. Martin L. Tomov, Postdoctoral Fellow of The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Emory University

Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is a rapidly developing technology that allows for fabrication of complex tissue constructs with very high fidelity. This technology can be used to create in vitro models for studies of organ development, disease mechanisms exploration, drug screens, or serve as a platform to develop novel surgical tools and interventions. Digital light processing (DLP) is a bioprinting mode that enables such very high-resolution biocompatible materials to be used to reconstruct engineered tissues complete with anatomically inspired vasculatures.

In this webinar we will explore the generation of such 3D bioprinted constructs that can mimic cardiovascular diseases of disturbed flow (pulmonary artery atresia, PAA and pulmonary vein stenosis, PVS) and a model of the developing heart. Additionally, we will touch on the analysis assays that this technique has allowed us to explore, which includes clinically relevant flow dynamics, bioink mechanical properties, and cellular interactions in the same constructs to model the target cardiovascular pathology in vitro.

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