A journey into the wonderful world of 3D & 4D Bioprinting: The future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

7 February | 3 p.m. BST | 4 p.m. CET | 10 a.m. EST

Speaker: Prof. Dimitrios Lamprou, Queen’s University Belfast


Prof. Dimitrios Lamprou

Chair of Biofabrication & Advanced Manufacturing

Queen’s University Belfast

3 p.m. GMT
4 p.m. CET
10 a.m. EST
7 a.m. PST

Make sure to tune in at the designated time as this webinar will not be available on demand. 

About the webinar

The field of additive manufacturing (AM) encompasses a wide range of processes, using various printing technologies, hundreds of materials, and various resolutions and speeds. Techniques such as 3D and 4D printing allow for a patient-center approach, which can be used to create complex drug delivery devices and offer more personalized medical treatments.

Innovations in pharmaceutical development and an interdisciplinary approach can lead to new and more effective drug-delivery systems, ushering a new era of treatments to various diseases. The introduction of the fourth dimension has led to an increase in the degree of complexity and customization possibilities.

This talk will present new developments in the area by providing examples from Dr. Lamprou’s lab in the manufacturing of drug delivery systems and medical devices.

About the speaker

Professor Dimitrios Lamprou (Ph.D., MBA) is Full Professor (Chair) of Biofabrication and Advanced Manufacturing and Director at MSc Industrial Pharmaceutics at Queen’s University Belfast. He is also the Chair at United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS) and the Chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) Emerging Technologies Focus Group. 

Dimitrios, is the author of over 140 peer-reviewed publications, has over 350 conference abstracts, has given over 140 Invited Talks in institutions and conferences across the world, and has secure Funding in excess of £2.5M. Dimitrios, has been recognised as world leader in Printing with PubMed-based algorithms placed him in the top 0.047% of scholars in the world writing about Printing in the last 10 years.

Dimitrios, has also been named in the Stanford University’s list 2021 & 2022 of World’s Top 2% Scientists, for his research in Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering. 

For more info visit www.emergingtechnologieslab.com.