Bioprinting / BIONOVA X / Advanced Mode

Unlock even more functionality with the Advanced Mode on the BIONOVA X. Our latest feature upgrade takes DLP-based bioprinting to unprecedented heights, enabling printing directly into 96 well plates and, for the first time ever, multi-material printing.

Multi-material printing

The enhanced precision of the BIONOVA X Advanced Mode is now enabling a DLP first: multi-material printing. Coupled with multi-stiffness capabilities, this creates an entirely new level within tissue engineering to recapitulate the in-vivo conditions of a tissue.

The Advanced Mode’s multi-material printing comes in lateral and vertical modes, which allows utility among multiple application areas.

Example 1: Lateral multi-material

Example 2: Vertical multi-material

96-well printing

In addition to the extant 6-, 12- and 24-well printing, the Advanced Mode boasts 96-well capabilities, dramatically increasing construct throughput for greater data per print. By printing in the 96-well plate, you minimize material waste for each structure

Layer-by-layer printing

In addition to layer less printing, the Advanced Mode brings layer-by-layer printing to the BIONOVA X. By toggling on layer-by-layer, you enable improved quality for larger prints: especially useful when fabricating microfluidic devices.

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