Oncology Drug Screening Applications Using the I.DOT and BIO X Systems for Live Tissue Testing

開催日時:2021-04-06 16:30:00

CET | 10:30 EDT


Dr. Jared Barrott, Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

Join us for a webinar with Dr. Barrott of Idaho State University. He and his group have been devoting time to improving treatment options for patients with sarcomas. Using both the I.DOT and the BIO X 3D bioprinter, Dr. Barrott is optimizing the conditions for ex vivo functional drug testing using patient-derived material.

Learn about developing a throughput protocol for testing a panel of anti-cancer therapies on a patient’s tumor so that clinical decisions can be made about the therapies to pursue for that patient. Top therapeutic targets can be further validated in a 3D printed tumor microenvironment to cement the translational success of the identified drugs.

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