3D Printing Application in Medicine and Bioprinting

開催日時:2021-03-18 09:00:00

CET | 4:00 pm CST | 5 pm JST


Dr. Danny Jia-En Chen, Researcher, and Anthony Yu-min Tsai, Research Medical Student, National Defense Medical Center Tri-Service General Hospital Medical 3D Printing Center

3D bioprinting is an emerging method for fabricating complex 3D structures utilizing various biocompatible materials. For advance tissue engineering and further study on pathogenesis of skeletal disorders, it is crucial to build a model in which osteogenesis and angiogenesis are included. Join us to learn how we designed and bioprinted a GelMA based mesh structure to explore mineralization outcomes.
In this session we will share experiences on how 3D printing assists clinical surgery at the Tri-Service General Hospital and how bioprinting is being used at the National Defense Medical Center by the NDMC-TSGH 3D printing research team

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