Wound Healing and Reconstructive Surgery using a Patient’s own Tissue

The company was a gaming developer but switched into a regenerative medicine and tissue engineering platform developed and patented by Denver Lough MD, PhD. There are some exciting executives associated, and the company is circling the wagons as they prep for day to day public company operations. We know the old company and many shareholders are our readers, and we look forward to getting to know the new company.

Here are some of the things we know and caught our attention:

  • We applaud the newest additions to the company’s board. Steve Gorlin is synonymous with biotech entrepreneurship and has been founding and leading innovative companies for 40 years. Dr. John Mogford oversees research strategy for the entire Texas A&M University system and served previously as Deputy Director at DARPA. Notably, these two appointments also got PolarityTE off Nasdaq’s naughty list for not having enough independent board directors.
  • Dr. Phillip Frost, the noted biotech investor, is a 10% holder of PolarityTE, resulting from his investment in the predecessor company, Majesco Entertainment. We’ve been following Dr. Frost and his successful track record in the sector for many years, and we’re eager to see if he can strike oil here with PolarityTE.

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