Swedish born, Hokie raised: Gatenholm and Cellink awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

“We had the vision to build an industry,” explained Erik Gatenholm. “It’s not often that we are given that opportunity, one where we see a clear need and have the ability to fulfill it.”

Gatenholm’s vision led him to co-found Cellink, the leading 3D bioprinter provider and the world’s first bioink company. The startup, along with Gatenholm and its other co-founders, was recently awarded the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden, and Erik himself was recently placed on the Forbes 30 under 30 as well as MIT Technology Review’s 35 under 35.

According to Företagarna, the trade organization that oversees the award, the criteria to win are, among other things, for a company to show creativity and innovation, to be leaders and role models, and to show profitability and growth.



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