Workshop: Fundamentals of Bioprinting (Monterrey)

In this Fundamentals of Bioprinting Course, held in Monterrey, Mexico, you will be introduced to the basics of extrusion and light-based bioprinting. You will learn how this novel technology can be applied in the real-world to solve ongoing social problems today. On-site, you will also be able to apply what you learned by working with CELLINK’s BIO X 3D bioprinter utilizing CELLINK START.

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The In-person Fundamentals of Bioprinting Course will begin with a thorough introduction to bioprinting, where you will learn about what bioprinting is, what is needed to create a construct, and the different printing technologies available.

The course proceeds to its second section, learning about bioprinting applications today and its future uses. You will learn about the various projects ongoing today utilizing bioprinting and brainstorm ideas on where it could be used in the future. The attendees will be given a 45 minute break after finalizing the second portion of the course.

Upon return, the third section will involve a hands-on workshop divided into groups where each group will have the ability to work with CELLINK BIO X 3D Bioprinter directly. In the section of the course, you will be taught how to operate a Bioprinter from start to finish utilizing CELLINK START as your biomaterial. Each group will also be assigned a group project that they will work on collectively during the third part of the course.

At the end of course completion, you will receive an E-Certificate from CELLINK.

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