Spheroid Kit – Coll 1

The Coll 1 kit offers type 1 collagen ready to be reconstituted and printed with and 3 spherical plates. Collagen forms fibrous networks in the body, enhancing the structural integrity of the ECM while promoting cell adhesion, growth, biological signaling and tissue morphogenesis. CELLINK leverages collagen’s unique native physiological properties in an innovative formula to propel your research further.

Designed specifically for fast and easy spheroid formation combined with the benefits of physiologically relevant matrix embedding, the CELLINK Spheroid Kits strengthen your work with combining Kugelmeiers’s Sphericaplate 5D® and CELLINKS Coll 1.




Bottle of type 1 collagen 20 mL solution (5 mg/mL). 

SphericalPlate 5D from Kugelmeiers 

Sterile production and packaging. 

Three-month shelf life (Coll 1 bioink). 

For research use only. Not for human use.