Pluronics 40%

Pluronics 40% is a ready-to-print sacrificial and support ink that exhibits excellent printability. This ink has been optimized for the fabrication of vascularized tissues, channels in microfluidic devices, and supporting scaffolds for complicated tissue constructs. The ink is easy to remove ones printed by washing with cold PBS or similar.  

Pluronics 40% is ideal to be used in conjugation with VasKit Perfusion Device to generate perfusable channels.  


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3×5 mL Pluronics 40% in syringes (sterile).
Minimum 9 months shelf life.

The kit includes:

  • 3×5 mL Pluronics 40% in syringes (sterile).
  • 2 x Consumables Kit C5 (Five clear cartridges, five luer lock adaptors, 15 nozzles, all sterile)

For research use only. Not for human use.


Clear gel
Sterility Sterile
pH 6.5-7.4
860±150 Pa·s

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