The Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology (I-DOT) is a patented approach for optimizing noncontact liquid-handling tasks. The system uses eight individually controlled positive pressure channels to generate droplets from 8 to 50 nanoliters from a small hole at the bottom of each well. Each channel can generate up to 100 droplets per second.


Noncontact: The technology enables droplets to be dispensed into the target plate below the source plate. The I-DOT eliminates carryover and cross-contamination.
Flexible: Exchangeable source tray supports temperature control from 4 to 37 degrees Celsius and dispensing into any target plate, including 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates.
Low dead volume: Well reservoir design ensures dead volume under 1 microliter to conserve valuable reagents and samples.
M supported: Dispenses multiple liquid classes on demand, including aqueous solutions, PCR buffer, DMSO (up to 100%) and glycerol (up to 50%), and defines liquid class at the well level.
Speed: Dispenses a 96-well plate in as fast as 9.5 seconds and a 384-well plate in as fast as 25 seconds.
Transfer from any well to any well: The I-DOT automatically moves the destination plate to seamlessly transfer custom amounts of liquid from any source well to any destination well.
Built-in droplet verification: I-DOT is the first instrument in the world to incorporate bubble detection and the capability to detect when users run out of source liquid.

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  • Volume range: 2 to 80,000 nL.
  • Accuracy (aqueous solutions) < 5% (≥100 nL) and < 8 % (<100 nL).
  • Precision (aqueous solutions) < 5% (≥100 nL) and < 8 % (<100 nL).
  • Number of I-DOT source plates : 1.
  • Number of target plates: 1.
  • Target plate types: Any SBS-compatible well plate, e.g. 96; 384; 1,536; 3,456 well plates.
  • Custom destination types.
  • SiLA compatible for third party integration.
  • Time to dispense a 384 well plate ≈ 20 seconds.
  • Time to dispense a 1536 well plate ≈ 80 seconds.
  • Maximum number of different liquids per run: 96.