Human Natural Killer Cells

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Positively selected human Natural Killer cells. Natural Killer (NK) cells are lymphocytes of the immune system that are critical in host defense and immune regulation as part of both the innate and adaptive immune response.

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Natural Killer (NK) cells are of particular interest to immunotherapy researchers as they hold the promise to specifically target and destroy cancer cells and tumors while leaving healthy cells intact. Cells You Can Count on to Perform Natural Killer cells are traditionally characterized by the presence of the CD56 cell surface marker and absence of CD3. In addition, CD16 is important for NK cell function because CD16 induces cytokine expression and cytotoxic effector activity. Isolated using positive (2W-502) or negative (2W-501) immunomagnetic selection for the CD56 marker. Purity is ≥90% based on the presence of CD56+ cells. Both positively and negatively selected NK cells are guaranteed to express CD56 and CD16. However, negative immunomagnetic separation of NK cells results in significantly greater enrichment of CD16+ cells (typically > 80% of total cells), whereas expression of CD16 is variable with the positively selected NK cells.


  • 1 x Cryopreserved ampule of Human Peripheral Blood NK containing ≥ 5 million cells