ColMA Kit

Want more flexibility in your collagen ink? The ColMA powder kit contains methacrylated type I collagen for use as a 3D tissue construct biomaterial, or as a component in bioinks. Reconstitute it in an acid buffer at your desired concentration, and it’s ready to print or be used in your own bioinks. This material self-assembles with thermal heating and photo-crosslinks to enhance mechanical characteristics.

Recommended for use with BIO X, a temperature-controlled printhead and a heated printbed. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE+ or INKREDIBLE.


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One bottle of 100 mg freeze-dried ColMA powder.
ColMA powder (sterile).
Six-month shelf life.
100 mg vial photoinitiator (not sterile).
Follow recommended guidelines for reconstitution.
For research use only. Not for human use.

Product number: VL4501000101 (Irga 1 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4501000103 (Irga 3 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4501000105 (Irga 5 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4501020101 (LAP 1 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4501020103 (LAP 3 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4501020105 (LAP 5 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4500000101 (1 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4500000103 (3 x 100 mg)
Product number: VL4500000105 (5 x 100 mg)


The product has the following quality criteria:

White powder
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin level <10 EU/g
Degree of methacrylation 15-25%

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