Polbionica Could Become the Next Success Story in Organ Bioprinting

Last year, a scientific team in Warsaw, Poland, bioprinted the world’s first prototype of a bionic pancreas with a vascular system. Led by clinical transplantation expert and inventor, Michał Wszoła, the specialists seek to introduce 3D bioprinting of the bionic pancreas to clinical practices worldwide in just over three years. The work, conducted at Polbionica, a spin-off company from the Foundation of Research and Science Development, will bring to market the research to 3D bioprint scaffolds using live pancreatic islands or insulin-producing cells to create a bionic pancreas, like the bioinks, bioreactor and the g-code files necessary to print bionic pancreas.

With more than 40 million people suffering from type I diabetes worldwide, this project holds a lot of promise. In Europe alone, seven million people are afflicted with the disease, with 700,000 of them undergoing serious complications.



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