New breakthroughs in 3-D printing could be a potential solution for organ failure in the future

The advancement of medical technology offers a plethora of options for healthcare professionals and patients alike. New technologies and clinical trials are solving the way we treat diseases and interface with patients. Recent breakthroughs in three-dimensional printing (3-D) may have hit upon a solution for organ failure.1

Previously, patients faced with malignant diseases that destroyed major organs were required to wait for transplants. However, the negative effects of organ transplants include long waits where the patient’s need is disproportionate to the available resources of these vital organs. Even if a transplant is successful, there is no guarantee the body will adapt to the unfamiliar organ.

Though transplants are still the predominant treatments for organ failure, new advancements in 3-D printing may solve issues that can occur with the traditional medical regimen.

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