Meet the CELLINK team: Financial Accountant Evelinn Eklund

Hi my name is Evelinn Eklund! I am the financial accountant at CELLINK and have been here for 1 year. When I am not working with numbers and helping the company further it’s mission, you can often find me trying one of my million hobbies. Some people ask, what’s your hobby? I reply “Hobbies are my hobby”. I have always been an inquisitive person even as a child. If I see something that looks even remotely interesting to me, I have to try it. I can’t even begin to list how many hobbies I have had throughout the years. Besides trying new things, I have a passion for design, food and wine, which is probably why I love Italy. All three of my favorite things in one place.


1.If you could have one super power what would it be and why? I would be able to speak all languages. I love learning languages. I hate not being able to tell what someone is saying, it would be amazing to be able to communicate with everyone.


2. What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I studied four languages in school, which is probably not a surprise anymore if you read the answer to my first question.


3. What’s your favorite movie? Well I have two, Pride & Prejudice and Lord of the Rings. Both great movies, it was too hard to pick just one!

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