Mapping the future direction for bioprinting research

The way research in bioprinting will be taken forward has been laid out in a roadmap for the field.

Published today in IOP Publishing’s Biofabrication, leading researchers define the status, challenges and opportunities in the field, and forecast the required advances in science & technology to overcome the challenges to a range of bioprinting techniques and applications.

In the roadmap:

  • Professor Binil Starly charts the progress from cell expansion to 3D cell printing
  • Dr Andrew C. Daly, Professor Jürgen Groll, and Professor Jason A. Burdick examine the developments and challenges in the bioinks used for bioprinting
  • Gregor Skeldon and Professor Wenmiao Shu look at the bioprinting of stem cells
  • Dr Jinah Jang and Dr Dong-Woo Cho present a strategy for bioprinting of tissue vascular system and tissue assembly

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