Collaborator data

Read the scientific data that our collaborators share with us.

Tissue Engineering

J. Mellot uses the Bio X to print mesenchymal stem cells in tissue blocks.

Joey Lau Börjesson 3D bioprints human pancreatic islets in PAN X and evaluates their function.

The University of Pavia uses CELLINK® FIBRIN bioink to study cell differentiation and muscle fiber physiology in 3D.

Casper F.T. van der Ven uses the INKREDIBLE+ to model calcific aortic valve disease.

A. Pössl’s work on cell therapy treatment of diabetes mellitus, highlights the interplay between bioink, cell culture and 3D printer.

Casper van der Ven and Nino Chirico at Utrecht University engineered 3D human in vitro model of myocardial tissue using CELLINK GelMA, GelXA, and GelXA LAMININK 521.

The SNU team constructed a 3D model of hepatic tissue that resembles hexagonal liver lobules using GelXA LAMININK 111, 121 and 521.


T. Hananouchi examines the mechanical properties of three different bioinks printed with the INKREDIBLE.

PhD student Thomas Richardson evaluates the Perriman Group bioink at CELLINK’s Gothenburg headquarters.

Graphene-functionalized thermoplastic biomaterial for 3D printing.

Bioink Testimonials

Professor Cristina Scielzo 3D bioprint leukemic cells using the CELLINK Laminink series.

Dr. Lisa Oliver and Dr. Celine Salaud use the CELLINK Laminink series in their research on brain tumors.