Cell line development
Single-cell omics
Low-volume assays (WGA, PCR, NGS setups)

High efficiency
Detetction of low intensity dye or low copy numbers
Laser for red fluorescence available (mCherry, Texas Red, RFP, Deep Red and more)

High-resolution objectives
Freely adjustable laser
Integrated plate de-ionizer eliminates electro static charge
Compatible with various PCR plates

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The F.SIGHT dispenses both unlabeled and fluorescent cells with the highest efficiency. The novel dual-camera system allows you to capture bright-field and fluorescence information simultaneously at full resolution.

Both cameras can be controlled independently and the powerful built-in blue laser is freely adjustable. Together, their high dynamic range enables you to visualize even the weakest fluorophores. Want to use fluorescent dyes to label your products right in or on the cells producing them? Not a problem! The F.SIGHT can visualize them, even when there are only a few.

Want to process nonfluorescent cells? Just switch off the laser and use the F.SIGHT’s bright-field sorting mode. Just like the C.SIGHT, the F.SIGHT can sort cells by morphological criteria.

Use standard dyes like GFP, FITC, Calcein AM, CellTracker Green and more. Thanks to the nontransparent flap, your dyes and cells have optimal protection from ambient light during the process. Concerned about bleaching or phototoxic effects by the laser? No need to worry! The laser spot only illuminates the nozzle and you can easily adjust its intensity. If you run sensitive dyes, reduce the laser’s intensity and increase the camera’s exposure time to keep your sample safe.

Our all-new software is fast and intuitive. Design your individual fluorescence experiments within minutes. Full-resolution bright-field, fluorescence and overlay images are all recorded and saved for future analysis and clonality assurance.