CASY Cell Status Monitoring

CASY is a Comprehensive Cell Status Monitoring system with Label-free outstanding precision and reproducibility.

CASY quantifies cells and particles passing a measuring pore exposed to a low voltage electrical field. Based on a cell’s size and conductivity, a resistance signal is generated and recorded. Living cells generate high resistance signals due to their intact membrane structure. Dying or dead cells cause much lower resistance due to their increased membrane permeability and are measured by the size of their cell nuclei.

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Label-free cell status. Instantly.
Within seconds, measurement is performed noninvasively without using distorting dyes.

Statistically relevant data.
Analysis of more than 4,000 cells per run ensures statistically significant results.

Get the full picture.
CASY quantifies all relevant parameters of cells, including cell viability, cell size and aggregation—at extremely low running costs.

Certified lifetime calibaration.
Guaranteed maximum ±2% variation comparing measurements and instruments

Automatic electronic monitoring of all relevant parameters of the system.
Integrated QA system

GLP/GMP compliance.
Connect the tablet directly to your computer to drag-and-drop your models in seconds.