Carbohydrate Glass

Volumetric’s carbohydrate glass is an ideal sacrificial material for extrusion 3D printing. The material is especially suited to constructing lab-on-a-chip devices or vascular networks within cell-laden hydrogels.

Processed into individual 1 mL cubes, this formulation is easily loaded into your extrusion system for consistent printing with minimal setup time.


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  • Composition: Biocompatible carbohydrates.
  • Cube dimensions: ≤10 mm on two sides, ~10 mm on third axis (to fit into 10 mm diameter extruders), 1 mL in volume.
  • 3D print at: 100-120 °C, 20-120 psi (pneumatic extrusion systems).

Store carbohydrate glass in a cool and dry environment, under 50% relative humidity. Improper storage of the carbohydrate glass will make it difficult to handle or 3D print.

Product no: D16110022052 (Pack of 3 Cubes)
Product no: D16110022051 (Pack of 18 Cubes)

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