XYZeq: A Novel Scalable Platform that Directly Encodes Spatial Location from Tissue into Single Cell RNA Sequencing Libraries

05/25/2021 EDT | On Demand Webinar
Host: Youjin Lee, Postdoctoral Scientist, UCSF & Joshua Cantlon, Product Development Manager, SCIENION

Biology has been transformed by advances in single cell genomic technologies in recent years. However, to date, the field has not resolved how to simultaneously retrieve spatial and transcriptomic information from single cells residing in tissue. Existing technologies can either obtain low transcriptomic expression data with pin-point spatial precision or achieve genome wide expression data at the cost of a low spatial resolution.

Youjin Lee, Postdoctoral Scientist at UCSF Gladstone Institute, and Joshua Cantlon, Product Development Manager at SCIENION, will introduce a new single cell sequencing platform called XYZeq. XYZeq simultaneously obtains spatial and transcriptome data from primary mouse tissue. Using the sciFLEXARRAYER, an ultra-low volume liquid handler from SCIENION, they dispensed nanoliter volumes of reagents into microwell arrays to process samples for spatial sequencing. Briefly, a frozen tissue slice is placed on top of the arrays and then using a split-pool combinatorial barcoding method, they obtain single cell data that uses one round of barcoding to encode the spatial location of each cell. Since XYZeq generates true single cell sequencing data, it allows spatial reconstruction of tissue cellularity and profile gene expression of heterogeneous cell types across space. XYZeq is a novel single cell sequencing platform that can spatially reconstruct cellular identities in localized microenvironments.