CELLINK launches new bioink series based on laminins

The new Bioink series is based on laminins to improve cell survival and to support healthy tissues. The ink series is developed by CELLINK with Laminin from the collaborator BioLamina, which has extensive experience in Laminin development and production.


Laminins play an important role in cell differentiation, migration, adhesion and also involved in supporting healthy tissue. Several laminins have been identified, which all have been related to different tissues and organs in the human body. These products are developed based on current and potential customer demands.

Our CELLINK®LAMININ SERIES consists of five tissue-specific Bioinks that have been developed for improving maintenance and survival of tissue. The Bioinks contain Laminins to mimic the basal lamina and the natural tissue environment. These Bioinks retain the excellent printability and ease of cross-linking found with the universal CELLINK®Bioink. The series will include: LAMININK 111, LAMININK 121, LAMININK 411, LAMININK 521, and LAMININK+.

These Bioinks are now commercially available through CELLINK and partners.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Gatenholm, CEO                                                                          Gusten Danielsson, CFO

Phone: +46 73 267 00 00                                                                  Phone: +46 70 991 86 04

E-mail: eg@cellink.com                                                                    E-mail: gd@cellink.com


CELLINK has created one of the world's first universal Bioinks, today used by many of the world's most well-reputed research institutions. A Bioink can be mixed with living cells to print functional human tissues and if future research is successful, eventually, complete human organs in so-called 3D-Bioprinters. CELLINK's universal Bioink shows excellent results and can be used in both CELLINK's proprietary 3D Bioprinters and in 3D Bioprinters developed by other operators. CELLINK is listed at Nasdaq First North with the ticker CLNK. Erik Penser Bank AB, tel: +46 8 463 80 00, is the Company's Certified Adviser.

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