CELLINK Collaborator Enables Controlled Cell Formation

Researcher Sebastian Allig at the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg used a specialized bioprinting process including Bioink from CELLINK to deposit human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells in a defined pattern.

Through this research Allig found that the cells remained viable up to 8 days after printing, thus presenting a proof of concept for controlled cell formation. This is to be applied to in vitro drug screening tests in the future.

CELLINK’S Bioink RGD was combined with HEK cells to print the controlled pattern to increase cell adhesion and growth. The CELLINK Cellmixer was used for a homogenous distribution of the cells inside the bioink. Fluorescent staining was then used to label whether the cells were live or dead.

The bioprinted tissue held the desired viscosity and structure as well as a high degree of cell viability a week after printing.

The results of these defined cell formations prove great promise for the long-term cultivation of tissues built with a bioprinter. Allig published these findings in his paper “Controlled Cell Formation Using Bioprinting”. 

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CELLINK has created one of the world's first universal Bioinks, today used by many of the world's most well-reputed research institutions. A Bioink can be mixed with living cells to print functional human tissues and if future research is successful, eventually, complete human organs in so-called 3D-Bioprinters. CELLINK's universal Bioink shows excellent results and can be used in both CELLINK's proprietary 3D Bioprinters and in 3D Bioprinters developed by other operators. CELLINK is listed at Nasdaq First North with the ticker CLNK. Erik Penser Bank AB, tel: +46 8 463 80 00, is the Company's Certified Adviser.

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