CELLINK launches new product for Digital Light Processing 3D bioprinting

Printing complex vascular structures is a challenge when bioprinting larger living tissues. To enhance the capabilities of users worldwide, CELLINK developed Lumen X in partnership with Volumetric, a US-based biomaterials and biomanufacturing startup. 

Lumen X is a DLP bioprinter that enables users to print larger vascular structures. The new productuses stereolithography technology and patent-pending bioinks to print high-resolution structures in cell-friendly material.

CELLINK’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to scientists in cutting-edge research. Lumen X is an excellent entry-level platform, and CELLINK’s recently launched Holograph X prints complex features down to 10 microns to meet user needs in more advanced research.Lumen X product is a complementary product to the Holograph X, BIO X and CELLINK’s portfolio of bioinks.

We are excited to launch yet another product in our bioprinting technology portfolio. This system will seamlessly compliment our current product offerings of both hardware as well as bioinks and biomaterials. We look forward to continue offering the latest bioprinting technologies to our customers worldwide””– Erik Gatenholm, CEO and co-founder of CELLINK. 

The new technology, based on projection stereolithography, was developed by Volumetric co-founders Drs. Jordan S. Miller and Bagrat Grigoryan after 5 years of academic research and validation.

“We are so thrilled to see our research, the culmination of a combined 20 years of stereolithography and 3D bioprinting expertise, developed and commercialized through this incredibly strong partnership with CELLINK,” said Miller.“Through this collaboration, we are harnessing the power and precision of light to structure living tissue through highly parallelized projection stereolithography and photopolymerization, and we see entry level applications in microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip devices, and vascularized living tissues containing millions of cells.”– Dr. Jordan S. Miller

This new product is now available to order. Contact [email protected]to speak with a sales representative.

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CELLINK is the leading 3D-bioprinter provider and the first bioink company in the world. We focus on developing and commercializing bioprinting technologies to allow researchers to print human organs and tissues for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Founded in 2016 and active in more than 50 countries, CELLINK is changing the future of medicine as we know it. Visit www.cellink.com to learn more. CELLINK is listed on Nasdaq First North under CLNK. Erik Penser Bank AB is the company’s certified adviser, available by phone at +46 846 383 00 and by email at: [email protected].

About Volumetric

Volumetric is an biomaterials and biomanufacturing company, offering an unprecedented level of complexity in the generation, validation, and functionality of biological tissues made with cultured human cells. The technology is initially being deployed to preclinical and research customers for drug testing, and eventually for advanced human therapies. Volumetric was founded in 2018 and is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas, USA.

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