CELLINK has received a grant to develop a new organ-like in vitro model that can be used in drug development and testing for renal diseases.

CELLINK today announced that it has received funding from Vinnova for a project in collaboration with ibidi GmbH and NMI (Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut). The project will start in August this year and is expected to run until 2023. CELLINK will receive a grant of approximately two million SEK during the course of the project from Vinnova, a government agency in Sweden that administers state funding for innovative research and development.

The project aims to develop a new organ-like in vitro model of the proximal tubule in a microfluidic perfusable device in multiwell plate format for use in drug development and testing. Complex, scalable and reproducible 3D assembly of the extracellular matrix and cells will be achieved by leveraging bioprinting, novel gel materials, microfluidic chips and an automated periphery system that will be developed and evaluated as part of the project.

In the future, the project can develop a screening system for developing therapies for renal diseases. These diseases affect both men and women, as well as young and elderly individuals.


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