CELLINK is your partner in bioprinting.

Our team combines experts across fields, from biotechnology to computer science, who are all dedicated to providing the best bioprinting process and experience. If you run into a challenge or want to enhance your bioprinting procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.
Phone (US): +1(833) 235-5465
Phone (EU): +46 31-12 87 00
Email: [email protected]


How can I get help?

  • Email [email protected] or call +1 (833) 235 5465.
  • Provide the following information:
    • Your name and institution.
    • Your machine’s serial number. This is usually found on the back near the power cable. If your bioprinter is installed in a biosafety cabinet or is otherwise inaccessible, let us know.
    • A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

How do I show off the cool protocols and models I have made?

Make an account at Bioverse! We look forward to seeing the amazing projects you have to share.

How do I get help for a different issue?

Email us at [email protected] or call +1 (833) 235 5465 to speak to a member of our support team.


Download our warranty here.

Where do I download the latest version of HeartOS?

Our software is available for download on the DNA Cloud. Setup an account at, and follow these instructions. 

The BIO X won’t recognize my STL.

  • Make sure the USB flash drive is inserted firmly into the USB port.
  • The BIO X currently supports binary STLs and not ASCII STL files. Many CAD software suites export ASCII STLs without providing an option. Download Heartware, open your STL and click the export button.

Nothing is extruding.

  • Working with a nozzle and cartridge that has gone through many uses can sometimes result in your nozzle clogging, preventing you from printing. Please exchange the nozzle and try your print again.
  • Check to see if air pressure is extruding by selecting “test bioink flow” without a cartridge attach to the printhead. Place a finger over the pneumatic outlet to see if any air is coming out.
  • If you are still experiencing issues, contact support.

How do I write g-code for the BIO X?

The print bed is not heating/cooling correctly.

    • If you are noticing an excess of heat, please run the clean chamber fan while printing (Utilities Menu→Misc→Clean chamber fan)
    • Contact [email protected] for assistance. To ensure you get help as efficiently as possible, please include:
      • The temperature you want the print bed or printhead to reach.
      • The temperatures reported by the devices.

The bioink I purchased from CELLINK is not printing correctly.

  • Contact [email protected] for assistance. To get help as efficiently as possible, please include:
    • The bioink you are using.
    • Approximately when the bioink was delivered. The batch number and expiration date are very helpful.
    • The parameters (pressure, speed, temperature) you are using.
    • The shape and size of the nozzle you are using.
    • The kind of shape you’re trying to print.
    • Any helpful pictures and videos you can provide.

My own bioink is not printing correctly.

    • Contact [email protected] for assistance. To get help as efficiently as possible, please include:
      • The key ingredients of your bioink. If the mix is proprietary, what common materials does it most closely match?
      • The parameters (pressure, speed, temperature) you are using.
      • The shape and size of the nozzle you are using.
      • A description of how it is not working. Are layers not adhering to each other or the substrate? Are lines wavy, disjointed or otherwise inconsistent?
      • The kind of shape you are trying to print.
      • Any helpful pictures and videos you can provide.

How do I use my printhead?

Contact [email protected]. We are more than happy to assist you!

My UV modules won’t activate.

  • Check to see if the door is closed.
    • Navigate to Utilities→Miscellaneous and check to see if the “Left module” and “Right module” switches are clickable.
  • If your issue persists, contact support.

BIO X Auto calibration kit guide

How do I download HeartWare?

Please click here to download the HeartWare installer.

How do I install HeartWare?

      • You can download HeartWare here.
      • You can find the installation instructions here.

How do I slice files on a Mac?

You can slice files on a Mac using Repetier Host and Slic3r

    • Download Repetier Host here.
    • Download Slic3r here.

My g-code isn’t printing correctly.

    • Ensure your g-code was sliced using Slic3r and that the g-code is confirmed post-processed. You can tell if your g-code was post-processed correctly if the following line appears:

My sliced file looks totally wrong.

  • You may be working with an older version of the post processor. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent post processor.
    • Once downloaded, move to the following file directory:
      • Windows: C:/Program Files/Cellink Heartware/plugins.
      • Mac: Contact support for further assistance.

How do I print using HeartWare instead of the SD card?

My bioprinter won’t connect to HeartWare.

Nothing is extruding.

    • A worn out nozzle or cartridge can cause nozzle clogging. Please exchange the nozzle and/or cartridge and try to print again.
    • Check if air pressure is extruding by “Turn on PH1/PH2” in the “Prepare bioprint” menu without a cartridge attached to the printhead. Check if any air has extruded.
    • Contact support if you are still experiencing issues.


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BIO X: Introducing the BIO X

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