Spheroid Kit

Pairing premium bioinks with Kugelmeiers® Sphericalplate 5D® for highly standardized spheroids.

More Relevant Cell Culturing

By more accurately recapitulating the in vivo environment, spheroids provide researchers with physiologically relevant models to better test hypotheses and draw more meaningful conclusions. CELLINK Spheroid Kits combine Kugelmeiers Sphericalplate 5D® with our premium bioinks to support the printing of matrix-encapsulated spheroids, which are easier to handle for several analysis methods. 

A High-throughput Solution

Kugelmeiers Sphericalplate 5D allows for the formation of up to 9,000 spheroids per plate, enabling the highthroughput development of spheroids in a reproducible and cellfriendly manner.  

The product series:

GelMA Kit

Gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) has become a cornerstone bioink in the biomedical field thanks to its extraordinary versatility across applications, especially its unique biological properties that enable excellent attachment and proliferation of various cell types. The GelMA Spheroid Kit includes 3 units of the Sphericalplate 5D, sterile GelMA powder and a choice of photoinitiators for blending customized bioinks

Coll 1 Kit

Collagen is found in over 30% of total body protein, making it an excellent biomaterial for tissue engineering and 3D printing applications. It enhances the structural integrity of the extracellular matrices (ECM) while promoting cell adhesion, growth, biological signaling and tissue morphogenesis. The Coll 1 Spheroid Kit includes 3 units of the Sphericalplate 5D and sterile Coll 1.