Tailored for
Cell line development.
Single-cell genomics applications.
Low-volume assays (WGA, PCR, NGS setups).

Assurance of clonality through a series of nozzle images.
Gentle dispensing technology enables high-cell viability and high recovery.
Disposable cartridges eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.
Easy to use.

Integrated plate deionizer eliminates electrostatic charge.
High-precision droplet deposition unit delivers your cell in the smallest volumes of prestored media and reagents for low-volume assays.
Compatible with a large variety of PCR-plates, including non-skirted formats.

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We designed the C.SIGHT™ to meet the specific requirements of both cell line development and single-cell genomics. Offers high efficiency, fast plate processing, reliable image and data storage along with clonality assurance for each well’s single-cell dispensing event!

The embedded deionizer efficiently removes electrostatic charge from your 96- and 384- well plates. Of course, you can also use 96 and 384 PCR well plates with our plate chiller to keep your reagents at the required temperature throughout the single-cell deposition. The high-precision droplet deposition ensures that every cell is deposited with millimeter precision. This requires minimal quantities of prestored medium and reagents, which is ideal for low-volume assays and single-cell genomics.

Thanks to its new design, the C.SIGHT™ can also be operated outside of a sterile bench. The hatch has a flap to protect your sample and substrate from environmental influences.

The C.SIGHT™ comes with our all-new software which is easy and intuitive to use. The interactive well-plate allows you to freely define your experiment. You can even save and load templates and experiments directly from the start screen — running your experiment is simply one click away.