High Functionality Real Time PCR at low cost.


High Functionality Real Time PCR at low cost.

Bring the power of real time qPCR to your lab with the open qPCR system. With up to 16 samples per run, enjoy seamless data generation for your DNA amplification needs.

Precise, Consistent qPCR Results

Ultra-tight replicates enabling reproducibility across runs. Super high precision such that two-fold differences in gene expression can be detected.

Superior Quantification

Quantify DNA & RNA with confidence. Open qPCR uses advanced Cy0-based bioinformatics to make precision Cq calls.

Shown: Ara h2 gene fragment 5-point standard curve, amplified with Sahara Hot Start PCR Master Mix. Efficiency = 98.8%, R² = 1.000.

Wide Dynamic Range

Detect a singly copy or ten billion in the same experiment. Open qPCR provides exceptional linearity over a 1010 dynamic range.

Shown: 10 point, 10-fold dilution series of Ara h2 gene fragment using Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix. Efficiency = 99.96%, R² = 1.000.

Results in 20 Minutes

Run fast 30 cycle protocols providing quantitative results in 20 minutes, or run 40 cycles in 20 minutes for presence/absence assays.

Shown: Lambda DNA 5-point, 10-fold dilution using Chai Green qPCR Master Mix. 30 cycles, 19 minute run-time. Efficiency = 106%, R² = 0.996.

Multiplex Without Interference

Detect two targets per sample with our dual channel device. Open qPCR uses dedicated per-channel photodetectors and automatically applied color compensation/deconvolution to virtually eliminate crosstalk between channels.

Shown: mGAPDH (Ch 1) and Lambda DNA (Ch 2) targets of differing quantities, run with Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix.

Powered by software designed for you

Rapidly design, run, and analyze advanced experiments all from the browser based software. Never worry about software updates or system comparability.

Small footprint, Smart Connectivity

Start a run at the lab, view results from your office, home, or anywhere you have Internet. Built for maximum space efficiency, the openPCR takes next to no counter space and can run from anywhere there is power.

Technical Specifications

Samples: 16 wells, 100 µL low profile tubes

Supported Probes: TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, Scorpions, Hydrolysis

Supported Dyes: Chai Green, SYBR Green

Supported Fluorophores: FAM, HEX, VIC, JOE

Sample Volume: 10 – 50 µL

Sensitivity: 1 copy

Dynamic Range 1010

Excitation: 454 – 487 nm

Detection (Single Ch): 513 – 555 nm

Detection (Dual Ch): 508 – 532, 573 – 597 nm

Scan Time: 4.4 s

Design: Solid-State LEDs & Photodiodes

Temp Range: 4 – 100 °C

Ramp Rate: 0.00001 – 5.0 °C/s

Temp Accuracy: ±0.2 °C at 65 °C

Temp Uniformity: ±0.4 °C at 65 °C

Lid Temp: Ambient – 120 °C

Networking: Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi, USB

Software: Web Application

Device Support: Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, Android Tablet

Integration: REST API

Power: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Operating Temp: 10 – 35 °C

Operating Humidity: 20 – 80%, non-condensing

Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 19 cm  (11 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches)

Weight: 4 kg  (9 lbs)

Approvals: FCC, CE