RIT researchers develop bioinks using CELLINK BIO X to promote organ regeneration


Professor Iris Rivero’s research at RIT is looking into a variety of material combinations for the production of 3D bioprinted scaffolds to promote the growth of new, healthy tissue, for replacement in the body, or be incorporated into the design of medical implants.


In order to promote cell function outside of the body and move closer towards tissue regeneration, a cell friendly environment is essential. This environment must be biocompatible and functionalized in a way to promote cells to develop in a manner that is natural and mimics what is found in the body. In the world of bioprinting this is usually dictated by the bioink used. Rivero’s group is looking to develop and test material combinations that will produce a bioink ideal to mimic natural bone and be able to go through the extrusion bioprinting process.


By using the BIO X the group can continue to develop and test a variety of biomaterials, ranging from biopolymers like PCL to materials like collagen, a protein that is abundant in our bodies. Currently the group is testing a combination of ceramic particles to a biopolymer, like PLA.


Hear about the groups plan here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II24m6a7zyw

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