Bring the control of individual cells to a whole new level.

Work faster and smarter than ever before

Whether you are setting up complicated combinatorial screening, running next generation sequencing workflows, or assuring monoclonality in single-cell assays, we have you covered. Our suite of easy-to-use bioprocessing technologies optimize and automate liquid handling and streamline cell dispensing, empowering scientists to work faster and smarter.


Enables nozzle imaging and 3D Full Well Imaging for double assurance of clonality from two independent optical apparatuses, leading to a probability of clonality >99.99%.


A new approach for complex liquid-handling tasks. The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” (I.DOT) is a new approach for nano to microliter liquid-handling tasks.


Our innovative plate washer, designed for automated, rapid, and highly reproducible washing of entire 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates. The C.WASH uses centrifugal forces to remove liquids from well plates without needles or pipette tips. This enables tipless, non-contact washing of cells, ELISA assays, and beads.


The  CELLCYTE X is the premier solution to maximize insights from your cell culture experiments. Designed to fit in most incubators, users can harness the power of live cell imaging and uncover answers to today’s most pressing questions.


The lightweight I.DOT Mini optimizes noncontact liquid handling tasks to bring intuitive automation, precision and speed to every lab in a smaller footprint.


Next generation microbioreactor for cell line development. Enables early identification of the highest producing and most stable clones in order to reduce later passaging steps and efforts of current scaling-up process.


Designed to meet the specific requirements of both cell line development and single-cell omics. Offers high efficiency, fast plate processing, reliable image and data storage along with clonality assurance for each well’s single-cell dispensing event.


For the first time, dispense single bacteria using proven single-cell dispensing technology. Enables prokaryotic cell isolation in the sub-micron range. The extremely high-resolution optics with inline illumination makes the smallest cells visible. No staining and no labelling required to isolate single-bacteria.


The F.SIGHT® dispenses both unlabeled and fluorescent cells with the highest efficiency. The novel dual-camera system enables you to capture bright-field and fluorescence information simultaneously at full resolution.


Performing reproducible cell assays requires comprehensive knowledge of
the condition of cells in real time.


Live Cell Imager enabling High-content live cell assays from 96-wells to single cells.

SOLARIS Bioreactors

Solaris ​benchtop fermenters and bioreactors​ ​offer efficient platforms for R&D and product development applications, are conceived to be extremely flexible and scalable using the very same powerful and intuitive ​automation and software​.

Single-cell printer™

A benchtop-sized automated laboratory instrument. The open deck contains two separate carriers to load 96- or 384-well plates. The dispensing head includes a dispensing unit and optics, and can be moved freely on a three-axis robotic stage.

Complete in-house product development and manufacturing

The input range of great ideas are endless at CELLINK thanks to our customer feedback, hard-working team and extensive internal testing.

Our technical team of mechanical, electronic, robotic and software engineers, as well as our UX/UI designers, biomaterial scientists and tissue engineers makes it possible for us to develop our bioprinters, bioinks and software entirely in-house. Our development and manufacturing teams work very closely throughout the development process. This enables us to accelerate the transitions between prototype, first batch and series production — all under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Working with the ISO 9001 ensures that our customers get consistent, high-quality products and services.

This truly gives a complete control when delivering new and innovative products and solutions to our customers because we can leverage our team’s strength, expertise and passion to get the job done. Having a full in-house development team that works closely with our collaborators and partners has helped us expand our expertise and deliver the best products in the fields of bioprinting and life sciences.