Chitosan series

The cationic bioink

Biomaterials derived from nature have always shown their ability to create the most physiologically relevant environment for healthcare applications, because their mechanical and biological properties can match the properties of any desired living tissues. For instance, chitosan is a naturally derived cationic linear polysaccharide material that forms mechanically stable hydrogels with good cell affinity. For these reasons, chitosan has been extensively used in research related to tissue engineering of cartilage, skin and bone.

The product series:


Chitoink is a chitosan-based bioink that contains a benign and effective glucomannan thickener and a glycerol phosphate stabilizer, which allow good printability at physiological pH, high shape fidelity, sufficient mechanical properties and biocompatibility. Perfect ratio between components enhances chitosan’s smooth sol-gel transition behavior without detrimental phase separation of the chitosan during transition to neutral pH values.