CELLINK applications

Molecular Biology & Omics

Molecular biology and omics are fast-growing fields with ever increasing requirements for high-throughput and automation-friendly equipment. We provide user-friendly single-cell isolation instruments that allow for the processing of clinical samples, rare-cell samples and other primary cells. Our affordable low-volume liquid-handling technology is not only one of the fastest but also one of the most versatile solutions on the market. It allows customers to cut costs and timelines in their molecular diagnostics, next-generation-sequencing, single-cell analysis and synthetic biology workflows.

Next generation sequencing

Low-volume dispensing and miniaturization of library preparation for next-generation sequencing.

Single cell omics

A scalable platform for plate-based single-cell omics workflows.

Synthetic biology

Accelerating complex synthesis workflows.

Assay development

Automation and flexibility for accelerated assay development.


Reducing cost through assay miniaturization and non-contact liquid handling.