Miniaturized chemistry

Miniaturization and automation of multi-component and chemical synthesis reactions


Synthesis and exploration of chemical reaction conditions is traditionally a sequential and thereby time-consuming process that often creates a major bottleneck in drug development. Reaction miniaturization and multiplexing strategies are increasingly adopted to accelerate synthetic chemistry. We provide innovative technologies for highly multiplexed assembly of chemical reactions in the nanoliter volume range.

High-speed assembly of chemical reactions at the nanoscale

Our I.DOT low-volume non-contact dispensing technology enables highly multiplexed assembly of hundreds or thousands of reaction conditions within minutes. Up to 96 reagents can be loaded in parallel allowing for rapid generation and screening of multi-component reactions in 1536-well plates or even higher density formats as well as customized substrates.

Save reagent costs and consumables

Traditional assays are based on cultivating cells in a 2D monolayer. Despite the advantages with respect to high-throughput screening and automation, these systems often do not reflect all relevant aspects that cells experience in vivo. At CELLINK, we offer entire solutions for building and analyzing more physiologically relevant 3D tissue models with our bioprinters and ready-to-use bioinks. Our team of bioprinting experts are able to support you in setting up reproducible and automated workflows, from generating 3D tissue models to image-based readout and data analysis.

Marrying chemistry with biology to revolutionize drug discovery

Drug development often requires the screening of tens of thousands of synthetic compounds using cell-based assays. Combining multi-component chemical synthesis with cellular assays on a single platform is a revolutionary approach that could significantly reduce timelines in drug discovery.

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