CELLINK applications

Drug Discovery & Development

Modern drug discovery and development is driven by automation, high-throughput screening and a shift toward more relevant 3D cell culture models. Our bioprinting solutions allow for rapid generation of 3D cell cultures, tissue and disease models. In addition, we offer the largest selection of pure, high-quality bioinks and protocols. Our liquid-handling solutions enable fully automated compound screening, highly multiplexed assembly of chemical reactions and more flexibility in assay development. For automated monitoring of cell-based assays, we developed an innovative live-cell imaging system.

Miniaturized chemistry

Miniaturization and automation of multi-component and chemical synthesis reactions.

Cell based assays

Understanding cell physiology in the presence of pharmaceutical reagents.

Assay development

Automation and flexibility for accelerated assay development.

Disease models

3D-bioprinted disease models to accelerate therapeutic discoveries in vitro.

Drug delivery

Automating complex drug testing and delivery systems.