CELLINK applications


Our proven single-cell dispensing technology allows for deterministic single-cell isolation of a wide range of cell types, including CHO, HEK, primary cells, yeast and bacteria. The technology offers documented image-based proof of clonality and increases efficiency and speed of single-cell cloning. In addition, we have developed a new class of high-throughput microbioreactors for parallel cultivations in 96-well plates that bring production bioreactor conditions to the 150 to 800 µL scaleOur highly trained application specialists are ready to support you in setting up efficient cell line development workflows.

Cell line development

Reducing timelines in generating clonal cell lines for therapeutic protein production.

Protein expression microbial systems

Automating single-cell cloning of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms.

Anaerobic cell isolation

Automated single-cell isolation from complex microbial samples.