First pig-to-human heart transplant

In recent achievements, an important step to alleviate the organ donor shortage has been achieved with the first pig-to-human heart transplant. Solving the organ donor shortage is one of CELLINK’s goals with 3D bioprinting, and we look forward to how our technology will contribute to solving the shortage through 3D bioprinted organs.

The first pig-to-human heart transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center highlights how creating the future of health requires simultaneously exploring several research approaches to today’s organ donor shortage.

It has also renewed our passionate pursuit of advancements in 3D bioprinting, cell culturing and tissue engineering. These technologies when used with human cells will enable more physiologically relevant tissue and organ models so researchers can better understand disease progression and how to turn off signaling pathways in tumors. Labs will be able to screen drugs more efficiently with human-derived models rather than animal models. Clinicians will be able to bioprint patient-derived organs on demand.

We commend the surgical team at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and we wish the patient a speedy recovery.

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