Save up to 50% when you bundle light- and extrusion-based bioprinters

Leverage CELLINK’s extensive portfolio of world-class light- and extrusion-based bioprinters and take your research to new frontiers.

Reach out for up to 50% off

Reach out for up to 50% off

Save up to 50% when you bundle light- and extrusion-based bioprinters.

Extrusion-based bioprinters

Designed with versatility in mind, extrusion-based bioprinters offer the freedom to incorporate a wider range of biomaterials, opening the door for more complex tissue engineering.


Light-based bioprinters

Produce intricate bioconstructs at the speed of light by initiating chemical reactions that solidify, or cure, bioresins whole layers at a time for faster processing and unmatched precision.

Technical Note

Biofabrication of Bioreactors with DLP and Extrusion Bioprinters

Technical Note

Biofabrication of Vascularized Skin Tissue Models with DLP and Extrusion Bioprinters


Customer spotlight:

Dr. Martin Tomov

Dr. Martin Tomov shares how his lab at Emory University is harnessing extrusion- and light-based bioprinters from CELLINK to generate robust tissue models for biological research and drug screening.

Start bioprinting more physiologically relevant tissue models that incorporate intricate vasculature and multiple materials when you combine the unparalleled speed and precision of a DLP bioprinter with the ultra versatile, cell-friendly extrusion-based bioprinter.

By leveraging complementary modalities, like the multimaterial capabilities of extrusion-based bioprinters with the high resolution of light-based bioprinters, researchers can create more physiologically relevant organ models with intricate vasculatures for preclinical research and making on-demand personalized medicine a reality.

Reach out for up to 50% off